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"Black as the devil, Hot as hell, Pure as an angel, Sweet as love"

Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord

Coffee & Climate

Coffee Growers & Sustainability

The Roaster's Craft

Coffee & Climate


The perfect cup of coffee begins with the soil. The organic, nutrient-dense earth in which our Fair Trade farmers grow their crops nurtures the development of rich Arabica beans.

Slow to mature, these high-altitude plants pull their complex and delightful notes of flavour from the ground, air, and sunlight, transforming it into beautiful, bright red cherries, sheltering the green seeds of future coffee at their cores.

The best coffees are grown at elevations between 1800-3600 feet in subtropical areas and at higher elevations closer to the equator.

Coffee Growers and Sustainability


Our delicious coffees don’t rely just on the elements for nurturance, however. Without dedicated farmers, there would be no crop. Because sustainability is a cornerstone of our business practice at each step of production, we buy only certified Fair Trade and organic beans.

Fair Trade certification assures that each farmer in small cooperatives in Africa, Indonesia, and Central and South America earn a living wage growing and harvesting our coffee.

Most of our beans are purchased through a group of community based roasters in North America who support equitable and sustainable trade relationships. We also specifically support women coffee farmers through our Café Femenino offerings.

The Roaster's Craft


Once our beans reach Nova Scotia, it’s time to turn our attention to roasting and blending. We process our beans in small batches, giving each lot the care and attention to detail that it (and you!) deserve. Each type of bean is roasted in a unique way, coaxing the utmost potential flavour and depth for that specific variety and harvest.

While many specialty roasters cut costs by roasting in large batches, we do the opposite. Small batch roasting and meticulous melanger (the process of roasting a given coffee to two or three different levels to capture its full complexity and range of flavours) is our signature. The result is an exquisite taste that reflects consistent care and attention at every stage of its journey to your cup.