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“In most human affairs, the idea is to think globally and act locally."

René Dubos

Local Food & Farmers' Markets

Supporting our Community

Local Food & Farmers' Markets

Farmers Market

Laughing Whale Coffee Roasters is a strong supporter of Farmers' Markets. With eight years in the Lunenburg Farmers' Market, five at Hubbards, two at the QEII Hospital's market in Halifax, and recently at the Historic (Brewery) Market in Halifax, we value the direct relationships we have developed with our customers. These markets are also a great venue for people to learn where their food actually comes from and how it was raised/produced - all in a lively, sociable atmosphere.

Food that is produced locally, or at least processed locally (e.g., coffee) is fresher, arrives with a much lower carbon footprint (due to less fuel burned in transportation) and keeps more money in the local economy.

Our current centralized industrial food system is organized to make cheap food and maximize corporate profits - often with little regard for the social, environmental and health consequences for workers, consumers, livestock or the land itself.

Supporting our Community


Ecology Action Centre

The Ecology Action Centre (EAC) is Nova Scotia’s most recognized independent community-based environmental organization. For over 35 years, EAC has worked tirelessly to build a healthier and more sustainable province. Their focus covers a wide spectrum of environmental issues including: marine, coastal, wilderness, food, transportation, energy and transportation. Since 2007, Laughing Whale Coffee has donated .25 cents of every pound of retail coffee sold to help further their environmental initiatives.


Second Story Women's Centre

One of our coffees, Café Ella, is produced by women coffee farmers in Bolivia and the Dominican Republic. These green beans are available only through Café Femenino, (see link) an organization that works exclusively with women coffee farmers to improve their lives. By purchasing C.F., we not only support the producers half a world away, but local women in our community as well. We donate .05 cents of every pound of Café Ella coffee sold to our women's centre in Lunenburg, The Second Story Women's Centre, for their projects.


Folk Harbour Festival

Every August our little town comes alive with the Folk Harbour Music Festival. During that month we do a special coffee blend for them called “Grounds for Harmony” and give them a portion of the sales of this particular blend. (We also sell at their mainstage tent during the festival which is a lot of fun!)