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"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons"

T.S. Eliot

Road to

Coasting Home

What's in a name?

The Road to Enlightenment


The story of Laughing Whale Coffee dates back to when Steve, our roaster, was travelling around Europe during his university years. He fell in love with the artisanally roasted and brewed espresso that he encountered in every small town café.

Returning to his then home of Washington state, he wanted to learn everything he could about coffee. When the first Starbucks opened just around the corner from his Seattle apartment, he found himself in a frontrow seat for the renaissance of the small, independent coffee roasting movement.

Coasting Home


Today, Steve and his partner, Deborah, operate Laughing Whale Coffee Roasters in the UNESCO heritage village of Lunenburg Nova Scotia.

This community of shipbuilders, artists, fishermen and tradespeople have a legacy of pride in detailed craftsmanship and community values. All this dovetails well with Laughing Whale's passion for providing small-batch, carefully roasted and artfully blended coffees (all certified Fair Trade and organic - of course!) to customers near and far.

The combination of the finest of traditional practices with the latest in roasting technology provides the platform to create truly exceptional coffee.

What's in a name?


The company name, “Laughing Whale”, is a nod to the legendary Maritime sense of humour and playfulness that makes this place what it is - one of a kind.