Welcome to the Whale

Laughing Whale Coffee is inspired by quality, playfulness, and fairness. There’s a rich landscape of tastes and nuances to be coaxed from a good green coffee by careful roasting and blending. Our coffees are produced using a combination of the best traditional techniques and the latest low-emission, heat-recycling roasting technology.

The enjoyment to be had from a great cup of coffee is not to be underestimated. Shared with others it invites conversation, collaboration and community. As we say in the Maritimes, whether you’re sitting back or gearing up to go, with a cup of our coffee in hand, “You’re laughing.”

The story of ‘Bean to Brew’ and how our Seventh Wave Espresso became an ingredient in Lunenburg Coffee Cacao Stout – an international award winning craft beer made by Alexander Keith’s Brewery

Make it true...make it beautiful...make it sing.

 Advice from Annie Dillard to would-be poets - but it works for coffee roasters too.