Linking cup to crop and local to global.

Nature vs. Nurture

The perfect cup of coffee begins with the soil. The organic, nutrient-dense earth in which our Fair Trade farmers grow their crops nurtures the development of rich Arabica beans.


Sourcing Coffee

Our coffees are grown by small farmer cooperatives that are founded and democratically governed by the farmers themselves. Most individual farmers own less than five acres and cannot directly market their crop overseas.


Fairtrade Organic

Because sustainability is a cornerstone of our business practice at each step of production, we buy only certified Fair Trade and organic beans.


Local Action

Laughing Whale Coffee Roasters is a strong supporter of Farmers’ Markets. We began eighteen years ago in the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market, and have added the Halifax Brewery and the Seaport Farmers’ Markets in Halifax.


Everybody should believe something. I believe I'll have more coffee.